Saturday, September 29, 2007

I’ll Never Have To Remember Where I Park Again

More signs that the little dude takes after his dad. While we were visiting SwingDaddy's sister in Boston, we took a family outing to the aquarium. As we walked out of the parking structure, his Granddad pointed to the parking sign and told Q to remember that we were on Level 6.

A couple of hours later, we returned to the garage and Granddad asked, "Where are we parked?"



A couple of months ago, I'd taken Q to see SwingDaddy's bike race at the track, and we were leaving between two sets of races. I was hurrying a bit, hoping that he wouldn't notice that SwingDaddy wasn't leaving with us, so I was walking a little ahead of him. I turned right as I approached the parking lot from the sidewalk. A small voice piped up behind me.


He had toddled left, towards the car. He looked at me quizzically and pointed at it.

Thanks, dude.


motherbumper said...

Wow, now that is a smart boy. I think it sounds like an an excellent tracking system. I really hope B is like that because most days I'm lucky if I remember where I put the keys.

Jenny said...

Can he come over and help me? I always forget where I park and I have to set off the alarm for a hint.

How embarrassing.

Lady M said...

Yeah, it's so handy already. I hope that he picks up other useful skills. Maybe he can go to work for me soon?

Mamacita Tina said...

That's awesome! He obviously pays attention to details and has a great memory.

Andrew's mommy said...

Maybe if all parking lots were equipped with maps that included pictures of sea life you may be more inclined to remember where you parked. ;)