Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Having To Come Up With 1000 Words

Because I forgot to get the camera out this morning and failed to capture the ecstatic expression on Q's face as he looked out the window at the crew powerwashing our house and the water pouring down the glass. "So much water! So much water!" he chirped. "Paper towel, mama?"

I got him a paper towel and he rubbed away at the inside of the window. "Hmmm," he said, puzzled. I explained that the water was on the outside of the window. I'm not sure he entirely got it, but he moved along to the next window, where he could watch the washing continue. The crew will be back tomorrow with paint, so our house should look all nice and new soon. At least on the outside.

The inside of the house, however, is full of all kinds of nonsense, including approximately twenty-seven Roaring Twenties dance frocks. No kidding. I received the most tempting sale announcement last week from a historical and stage costumer who is cleaning out eighteen years of vintage and fantasy gowns.

And I'm not going.

Not only have I run out of closet space, but I've also realized that my life has changed enough that I don't need to have so many costumes of different eras on hand, just in case. The odds of being invited to a last minute Baroque Ball is rather low at present. These days, picnicking at the train station during rush hour is a pretty exciting outing, and I'm not being sarcastic when I say that.

Believe it or not, I'm going to tie the topics of house cleaning, costumes, and life changes back to yesterday's Britney Spears post, thanks to Her Bad Mother. As usual, HBM has an eloquence and way of expressing what I couldn't quite put into words yesterday. Seeing Britney try to fit awkwardly into her girlhood role reminded me a bit too uncomfortably of me and when I also try to reach for my pre-motherhood days.

It's lucky that most of us don't do it in front of cameras. Although, I sometimes do, and hope that I still look good enough to pull it off. At least I'm smart enough to save the bikini for moments far from photographers. In fact, I'm so accustomed to not recording imperfect evidence that I realized I don't have a "before" photograph of our dead lawn or the old paint on our house. Too late now!

So, let's look at a festive "before" picture instead. (It contains four of the previously mentioned twenty-seven flapper dresses.)

P.S. I guess I overshot the 1000 word mark, but who's counting?


dancing dragon said...

That's so cute of Q trying to dry off the windows. And tying together house cleaning, costumes, life changes, and Britney Spears totally makes sense to me. :) I appreciated your story at the train station about changing from running around to being more able to find ways to help people! I only knew the running around part myself...

Christina said...

Wow, those are great dresses! And I'm drooling that you even have the chance to go to a historic costume sale. I adore period costumes, from all eras.

Kimberly said...

Wow. You're NOT going. That's willpower. Not even to look? Finger the fabrics? Dream of the dances you could do? (I'm terrible; I'll stop now.)

I still want to play dress up at your house though.

And I love coming over here to visit. It's always a nice way to start my day.

bubandpie said...

I did an informal analysis awhile back and discovered that the average blog post (in our neck of the blogosphere) is 1000 words. And posts tend to be prefaced with apologies for length as soon as they hit 2000 words. Just FYI.

I read HBM's post just before this one, and I saw the connection as soon as you said the words, "I'm not going." It's hard, indeed, to let go of the clothes of our youth.

mayberry said...

It's seasonal, too, for me. The weather abruptly changed here this week and suddenly I have to remember what to wear when it's cold--and I quickly get a reminder of what doesn't fit and what's just not flattering.

Occidental Girl said...

Who wouldn't want to have pretty costumes?? I don't blame you. But yeah, I agree that it is hard to say no. Or to know when to say no.

Good for you.

Girl con Queso said...

"Eighteen years of vintage and fantasy gowns"


Are you sure you don't need to go? You could just take photos. For, uh, research.

Lady M said...

Dancing Dragon - I hope that you're back to running around in the future. I'm glad that you're able to do a bit of that online.

Christina - Thanks! I can imagine you in some great finery.

Kimberly - Dress up, definitely.

B&P - That study is very interesting. I tend to write briefer posts, and feel a bit indulgent when I go long.

Mayberry - closet cleaning time!

OG - Big sigh when I got the announcement, but I'm not missing it now. I'm having enough trouble digging through the stuff I have already.

GCQ - I'll take pictures of my own closet during the clean - that will have to do!

Mamacita Tina said...

New lawn, new paint, are you going to fall in love with your house and want to stay?

kittenpie said...

I just don't have bikini moments outside of the house!

And I am in total awe of your costume collection, not to mention your willpower and not going to look at more. Wowsa.