Saturday, September 22, 2007

Be Prepared

Happy Autumnal Equinox (a little late)! It's time for another quarterly emergency readiness check, and I've run out of ways to rephrase its purpose. Instead, I'll rely on a quote from an earlier one:

Sometimes emergency plans look so daunting that it's easier to do nothing. So, my goals are modest. I'm going to do a few small things each season to put us in better shape to handle an emergency.

Just about everyone has been guilty of leaving a medication refill until the last minute, so that you end up racing to the pharmacy before the close of business hours. What if there were an earthquake, flood, or other emergency and you couldn't get your prescription for three days, a week, or even a month?

We're fortunate that we don't have a lot of medications to cover in our household, but for this quarter's action, I'm going to figure out how to get a two week buffer stashed away. I've read suggestions that say some insurance companies will cover refills every 25 days, so if you really keep on top of dates and hit the pharmacy as soon as you're eligible, you can build up an emergency cache over a few months.

A challenge for you: choose one thing to do to improve your emergency readiness. Store some extra gallons of water. Stash a few cans of food and a can opener. Make copies of key documents. Double check your homeowner's insurance. Or something like that!


Mamacita Tina said...

I appreciate your reminders! This is an area our family needs to spend some time on. I've had my eye on a fire safe at Costco for important documents.

Lady M said...

A fire safe is an excellent idea!

kittenpie said...

I actually just talked to Misterpie about stashing a fire ladder above a cabinet in Pumpkinpie's new bedroom for fire escaping. And moving our bedrooms downstairs, we are going to put more smoke alarms in each room on that floor now, too.

(We have a fire safe on the basement, as well.)