Friday, September 28, 2007

Babes in Danceland

Some of our best adventures have been the dance tours we've taken, performing, teaching and taking classes in Europe. There's always that thrill of seeing new places and making friends, trying new snacks, and figuring out how to communicate in other languages. SwingDaddy and I both speak a bit of French, so we got along fine in Paris, but we had to resort to English in Prague. The Czech language is um, really, really different, and it took us three separate trips to master "good morning, please, and thank you."

You think you have to pack a lot of nonsense when you travel with children? Well, it's right up there with packing costumes to cover a 150 year range of historical events. Ballgowns, hoopskirts, corsets, hair ribbons, fake hair, dance slippers for each performance outfit. When your normally shoe-scorning husband is required to pack seven pairs of shoes to match his costumes, you know that things are barely in control.

Just take our advice: Unless you plan on hiring porters, don't bring a steamer trunk. We saw more than one relationship crumble under the weight and bulk of a steamer trunk of costumes.

I imagine it will be several years before we head overseas again, but I'd love to bring our whole family. Friends brought their ten-year-old son on the last tour, and he was quite a hit with the ladies, politely asking them to dance. We'd want to spend daytimes on child-focused activities, but it'd be marvelous to share the grandeur of a live orchestra, beautiful 18th century architecture and an open dance floor.

Or maybe we'll turn into the kind of family that plans climbs up Mt. Whitney instead. Or builds houses for Habitat for Humanity. Or all three!

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Photo 1 from Prague.
Photo 2 also from Prague. I'm in the peach gown with cream lace, SwingDaddy beside me.
Photo 3 from the south of France.


Mamacita Tina said...

You do have some wonderful memories!

Europe, I can dream. Someday...

bubandpie said...

That from-the-ceiling shot is gorgeous!

Alex Elliot said...

Do you have post that tells more about your dancing? I'm very intrigued.

YF said...

you guys have done some cool travel. and do have many great memories. i love the line about the crumbling relationships under the trunk. i can totally see that!

Lady M said...

Mamacita Tina - those were some great trips. I'm dreaming too.

B&P - from the balcony, thanks!

Alex - I've categorized a bunch of them under "dance." I'll be writing more in the future too.

YF - Yeah, those trunks were the screaming end for some. :0