Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Q at the window, patiently waiting for Ama and Agu to arrive this afternoon.

Thanks for all the lovely anniversary wishes! Bubandpie commented that we looked as though we'd come through the years better than her wedding bouquet, which reminded me of a story about my flowers.

When we left for our honeymoon, I hung the bouquet upside down to dry. We returned a week later and were shocked to see it looking exactly the same. A magical or vampirical, never-aging set of flowers?

After a little prodding into the construction, we realized that the florist created that perfectly spherical shape by cutting the stem of each rose so that it was only three inches long and sticking it into a round ball of water-soaked foam. The bundle of stems that I held was only tied in place below the flowers – they weren't actually attached to the blooms!

The flowers had been getting water from the foam all week, and still looked great when we returned. I made an attempt at potpourri with the petals, but I think they've all gone the way of lost things by now. Best remembered in pictures.


Mamacita Tina said...

Dodgeball with wedding bouquets, a great idea, I can see that happening in some funny movie.

Your florist had a very creative way of making your flowers last.

Lovely picture, beautiful bouquet.

binkytown said...

I have to say I love this photo more than the last one.. beautiful, and not just the flowers..

Lady M said...

I loved that bouquet. I still get peachy-pink roses when I can!

kittenpie said...

I had a stem of orchids for mine which, being succulent, just don't dry. I stuck them in the fridge and they looked lovely in there for quite a while, nestled between the milk and the carrots, but eventually I just tossed them. It is a lovely bouquet, that, no matter what tricks your florist employed!