Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paying Attention Whether We Want It or Not

Of the seven people in the United States who can name the reigning Tour De France champion, my son is one of them. This should prove useful should he embark on a career in playing Jeopardy with other two-year-olds.

While looking at a photo of SwingDaddy riding bikes with Lance Armstrong (background story here):

Q (pointing at the picture): That's Baba. Who's this?
Me: Lance.

Q: Who's that? (pointing at another cyclist, wearing a yellow “Tour of Hope” outfit)
Me: I don't know, sweetie.
Q: It's Con-ta-dor.

I froze. What did he say?
Q: Con-ta-dor.

Me: Why is that Contador?
Q: Yel-low

Holy cow.
Alberto Contador is the young Spanish rider who won the Tour de France last month. He’s definitely not the person in the photo, but he did spend a week on the news wearing the yellow jersey. I checked with SwingDaddy later to see if he’d coached Q on Contador’s name (like certain unnamed guilty parties who taught Q to say, “Go Chargers!” last football season), but he said he hadn’t.

I'm considering what other information I should try to get him to absorb. If we turn on CNN, maybe the little dude can learn the positions of all the political candidates and save us some time come November 08.


mayberry said...

I like it. He could be your own personal Cliffs Notes for the news.

Sassy Belle said...

ooh! he could be like that little kid who goes on Oprah and recites the names of Congress. Alphabetically. In French. Or something.

my minivan is faster than yours said...

That's actually a great idea. Maybe you can have him get the sports highlights, too, and just post them on your blog!

tomfence said...

very funny... it makes me laugh too because we think we are so smart talking in code around here. they don't miss a thing!

Lara said...

re: "go chargers"

i just figured if the kid were going to be around a football fan, he might as well be able to contribute. i could have been really mean and taught him to say "go cowboys" or something. ;)

Mom101 said...

Nate is singing the Redskins fight song to Thalia right next to me this very second. Kids are sponges, I tell ya. We could have way too much fun with this.

Lady M said...

Mayberry - maybe there's a market for this . . .

Sassy - or something!

mmifty - selected sports, like cycling.

tomfence - Yeah, the talking in code thing isn't going to last much longer!

lara - we thought it was pretty cute. ;)

mom101 - As long as you're both fans of the same team!