Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little Rocker

Our XBox is down for the count, and SwingDaddy has mailed it back to Microsoft for (free) repair. Q misses Guitar Hero desperately.

Photo from Lady O - thanks!


kittenpie said...

I love it. Actually, I am a little bit in love with the Hello Kitty electric guitar I saw... for me. I'd totally learn to play so I could rock that baby!

mayberry said...

Opie just got his very own "tiny guitar," otherwise known as a "yook-a-way-lee." He LOVES it.

ewe are here said...

He and MF would get along smashingly... MF loves loves loves to strum his little wooden guitar and sing his favorite songs.

And after each song, he applauds for himself and announces Well done!

Lady M said...

Kittenpie - that sounds like a great guitar.

Mayberry - Yook-a-way-lee - that's fabulous.

Ewe - He's a completist!