Thursday, August 23, 2007

It Can't Be Said That We're Insufficiently Geeky

Some couples have solo time with boys' bachelor parties and girls' spa retreats. We're not quite like that.

As you know, I went to a blogging shindig, and this weekend, it's SwingDaddy's turn. He's at PAX, a videogaming conference, complete with consumer electronics expo and techie contests. Yeah, we're a little weird. I'm totally sure that it's not rubbing off on Q.

Tonight, Q and I took sandwiches to the train station, made ourselves comfortable and watched seven trains go by. To be precise, we heard seven but only saw six, as one northbound express was obscured by the southbound train in station.

When we first settled in, there was a man in a wheelchair nearby, and eventually I heard his cell phone conversation with a taxicab company. He was trying to get them to send a cab from the other end of the parking lot, well within sight, to pick him up. I couldn't tell whether the drivers weren't comprehending the instructions relayed by the dispatcher and truly didn't see him waving at them, or whether they were dodging him. Perhaps they thought the wheelchair was complicated. I wouldn't think our neighborhood would have any issues with ferrying an African-American man, but maybe that played a part too. It's hard to know.

After checking with the fellow and asking him to keep an eye on our sandwiches, Q and I strolled over to the taxi drivers and specifically pointed out their fare, waiting patiently at the handicapped ramp. To their credit, a cab quickly drove over, followed by an extra driver to help the man get into the car and load the wheelchair.

Before I had a son, I wouldn't have been sitting restfully, with no agenda. I would have racing between events, just like my insane day at work (meetings in five different buildings within six hours), and wouldn't have noticed a really simple way to make someone else's day more pleasant. That's a side benefit to being a parent that I really enjoy.

The man gave a friendly wave as the cab took off, and Q and I returned to the serious work of watching trains go by.

I posted our Choo Choo Haiku at SwingDaddy's blog today.


Mamacita Tina said...

Observing the simple things, is absolutely a perk to the parenthood gig. Love it. And it can make us better citizens when we help out.

Oh, Ian, Laurel and I would have loved to picnic with you two at the train station! The sights, the sounds, the good company.

fourthbreakfast said...

Great shirt!! :)

kittenpie said...

Lovely. We don't have outdoor train stations here, so it's all oisy and gusty when trains come in, which terrifies Pumpkinpie, unfortunately.

K goose blog said...

I had K solo this week... so we took the train to Borrone and Keplers twice... so we could sit on the big train...

mayberry said...

I like your version of Trainspotting!

Lady M said...

Mamacita Tina - that would be a lovely group picnic indeed!

Fourthbreakfast - he's been getting lots of compliments on it. ;)

Kittenpie - You'll have to come visit.

K Goose's mom - great idea!

Mayberry - I was thinking of using that as the title of the post . . .

wayabetty said...

That's what we often forget to do...sit down and relax. It's fun to observe the dynamics between your children when they play. When they play nice, all I can think is having more kids...but when they don't, all I can think of is having my tube tied. ;-)

Hope your pregnancy going well.