Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Sabra Your Favorite Dancer?

First let me say that if you're going to promote a dance performance by your host and resident judge over and over again, before every commercial break, you'd better deliver. No, a stupid bobblehead animation doesn't count.

Now that that's out of the way, I can say that SwingDaddy and I were pleased with Sabra's win. She's a great dancer with a lot of personality that always came through. I didn't feel like I had a big stake in who won though. All the finalists were so good, and since Benji won last year (woot!), I didn't feel like it was super important to show that a ballroom dancer had the chops to be #1.

We wondered if Neil, as "the cute boy," would have the power tween vote, but perhaps judge Nigel's statement about how it'd be nice for a girl to win this time had some influence. My mom made a tongue-in-cheek comment that perhaps Hillary has a chance in November if Sabra won tonight.

It was a good, good season. I'm going to miss the show!

Plus, I've decided to stop being annoyed with Wade Robson for the recurring zombie themed dances. As seen in tonight's "best of "performances, he's turned out a whole variety of intriguing numbers (hummingbird, anyone?), and the zombie ones had great movement too. If Picasso could have a Blue Period, why not a Zombie Period?


metro mama said...

That animation was so irritating in an otherwise fabulous show.

I was pleased about Sabra (tho I preferred Danny).

I love Wade Robson, especially the zombies. But I think my is the vagabond number they showed again last night.

Graham said...

I was very glad for Sabra. I would actually have been quite happy with either her or Danny, though I expected it would be Neil. Very different from last year, where I had Benji pegged as the winner from nearly the beginning.

And I agree about being annoyed by the bobbleheads.

Lara said...

i thought the lindy hop was funny in wednesday's show, especially since swing cats has a number to that same piece. :-P

tali said...

I actually watched the show last night (never seen it before). I was happy to see Sabra win because I liked her attitude, style, and commitment to the dance moves.

The lindy was interesting to watch, since I know so many people who dance lindy as good or better (you and Swingdaddy for one, Lara, Jitta, and many other friends too).

All in all though I liked watching the show - least of all because now I know what people are talking about!

K goose blog said...

Just getting caught up on your blog. Impressive about preschool... glad you guys made it.

Happy Anniversary. Very exciting!

Lady M said...

Metro - Danny had some pretty amazing turns, didn't he?

Graham - I was worried that Benji wouldn't get enough votes last year, but he was my favorite.

Lara - I don't think I've seen that piece - looking forward to it.

Tali - We're a bunch lindy hoppin crazies around here, huh!

K Goose's mom - thanks! Welcome back.

Alex Elliot said...

I had no idea that you also watched So You Think You Can Dance! I was rooting for Sabra, but I personally liked the dancers last season better.

mayberry said...

I was looking forward to your review -- thanks. We were pleased with Sabra's win too.