Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Full Mommy

The Full Mommy I’ve joined Mayberry Mom and five other lovely ladies for a review blog at The Full Mommy. There, you can learn useful things about sunblock, red wines, and educational DVDs. As for me, I’ll provide insight on items critical to your well being, like cheesy dance movies with pitiful acting.

In the last months, I’ve carefully gathered pearls of wisdom on “Stomp the Yard” and “Step Up.” If I get through “You Got Served” next week, I’ll make it a three-fer. Just what you what you needed to continue living as a fully culturally-enriched person, I’m sure.

In my intro profile, I explain who I am and my essential products:

1) Spray & Wash Stain Stick. Pre-baby, I was one of those people who didn’t spill anything and never got a stain on her clothes. Ever. Well now, haaaa, I love me some Stain Stick.

2) Memory. Since the memory in my brain gets pretty full, I’ve been counting on a 2GB USB stick, a 2GB photo card, and my iPod.

Q says: I'm going to go visit The Full Mommy. You come too!


Sassy Belle said...

Stomp the Yard! Step up! Both AMAZING! Those are such great movies. Don't hate, Lady M! They're GREAT. Dance movies are awesome. Best of all time? Center Stage. For sure. But the other sare good as well.

mayberry said...

I think your contributions are goinmg to be very critical indeed!

Lady M said...

Sassy - no hate around here! I don't have time to watch movies that I hate. Just love for the dances, and tolerance for the . . . variable acting. That's a better word that pitiful. :)

Mayberry - thanks for inviting me!