Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where is My Copy?

It's 9:30am and my copy of Harry Potter hasn't arrived. Grrr.

Updated, 4pm: Check this out.
My copy of Harry Potter is AT THE POST OFFICE, ready to be picked up when they open on Monday.

What good is a guaranteed July 21 arrival-date from Amazon? Nothing. Morons. Or, using Mary P's recommended terminology allowable in front of toddlers, noodles.

Packages from Amazon usually get left on our doorstep. For Harry, I guess they made an exception, and you had to be at your door waiting for it. So I went and found a copy at the second store I tried. Enjoy the book, everyone!


mayberry said...

I have to wait until next week for my freebie will probably arrive right after I leave for blogher! (so don't tell me anything)

Hope it's there by now!

Lara said...

hahahahaha.... you crack me up. jitta's been intently listening for the ups truck all morning too. i laughed at her and she yelled at me for not understanding. :-P

Karianna said...

Mine hasn't shipped yet.

I am so sad.

I may go find one in person, then cancel my online order.


(And I'll be quiet, Mayberry, assuming that I get mine and/or know anything by BlogHer!)

Lady M said...

Absolutely spoiler-free site.

Karianna - what company did your order from? I have some gripes with Amazon.

Karianna said...

I ordered from Barnes & Noble - because I had a strange situation from Amazon on the last Harry.

So I just canceled my B&N order (because it did NOT ship today, and I was already not keen on waiting 2-3 business days.)

Husband is out at Target/B&N/Borders/Wherever getting me a copy. Thank goodness.

Man I feel like such a child.

Karianna said...

Oh... and I've had some hefty issues with the post office of late, but I am SO TIRED of those "sorry we missed you!" notes when I was TOTALLY RIGHT THERE IN THE HOUSE. Ack!

I have this "great" story about that sort of thing in NYC where they jumped to "final notice" without any prior notices so I had to hoof it to the post office (a million months pregnant) to pick it up only to discover it was "out being delivered."

What do you think I got when I returned home? Yup... "Sorry We Missed You...Now You Must Go to the Post Office"

Kimberly said...


I had to restrain myself from rushing out to the store next door at 8 am, knowing Harry was there. It was just so hard to wait, even with the express shipping.

I waited breathlessly at home for my copy, and even had my broken buzzer fixed so that I wouldn't miss it.

alyndabear said...

Mine is in shipping - but I won't be able to get it until tomorrow. *sigh*

John said...

VERY irritating when that sort of thing happens! Altho with HP I must confess I'm about two years behind. I just finished reading #6:HBP last night(!)

bubandpie said...

I was so scared that would happen to me. We had to leave at 7:15 for Day Out With Thomas, and we didn't get home until the early afternoon. As soon as we pulled in the driveway I looked anxiously at the door and - behold! - the screen door was slightly ajar.

Yay for Canada Post!

Lady M said...

Such a goooooood story. :)

Occidental Girl said...

Ha! Way to keep it clean, mom.