Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We Will, We Will Rock You

I was under this delusion that taking two days of vacation before BlogHer, would give me hours to compose thoughtful posts and catch up on my writing. Did it? Not a chance. Instead, I spent a couple of hours each day at work anyway, ran to the bank, picked up pre-school papers, got groceries, located new Where's Waldo books for Q, and had my eyebrows shaped. I've got cameras recharging all over the house, lists of to do's, and a couple of hours of the imploding Tour de France to skim before flying out tomorrow. Therefore, a brief post tonight.

Kristen, she of Motherhood Uncensored, the Mom Trap, Cool Mom Picks, Parent Bloggers Network, the Blog Exchange, and just about every other excellent blogging enterprise in our corner of the world has honored me with my very first blog award – I'm proud to be a Rockin' Blogger. In lieu of the insightful post reflecting on web awards a la BlogRhet, I'll just share my sincere appreciation. Thanks, Kristen!

P.S. JFF is in my suitcase. He's easy to spot, and here's a picture to help with IDs at BlogHer!

Updated: Credit to Oh The Joys for the rockin' button design.


Mayberry said...

You do rock! See you (and JFF) soon!

Momma to LG said...

Love the new picture! So jealous of your trip.

Lady M said...

Mayberry - Looking forward to it!

Momma to LG - thanks so much for your help on the cards. They came out well. :)