Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thanks, Jo

Updated link.

It* was a fabulous read. One chapter before the end, I paused to have a snack, stretch, and reflect on the ending of an era. Almost nine years since I picked up a brightly colored copy of The Sorcerer's Stone from a small bookshop, I'm pleased that the story came to a satisfying close.

I would have read every word, even if Harry hadn't become worldwide phenomenon, but I also take pleasure in the fandom. There is something lovely about people gathered to buzz about something they love, something fun, something wonderful, instead of the latest war crisis or political scandal.

If you're wanting a bit more from J.K. Rowling, here** is an interview she did two summers ago for the launch of book 6. She invited the lead editors of her two favorite web fansites to come to her home in Edinburgh to talk Harry. The questions are fabulous, as you might expect from such devoted readers and writers.

*Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, for those of you who've been on Mars.

** Updated: The Leaky Cauldron is an easier site to read for the interview, but it seems to be going up and down, so here's a link for the MuggleNet site.


mayberry said...

I'm impressed that you finished it already! We went to a baseball game yesterday (minor league) and a few rows ahead of us sat a 20ish-year-old man about halfway through his copy.

Bon said...

i still haven't gotten to read it...i pre-ordered forgetting we'd be away that weekend! horrors. but soon, i shall take to my bed with the book. :)

and since i don't mind spoilers as they allow me to read rather than inhale the book, thanks for the link.

Suzanne said...

I wished my kids were just a little older and could understand that I wanted to just sit and read the book undisturbed!

Alex Elliot said...

I just love the Harry Potter books. I too took a break before the last chapter just to savor the moment of still having an unread Harry Potter book.

Lady M said...

I read through the night. It used to be easier though - can't sleep late any more!