Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Shocking Breech of Etiquette

This is not exactly a newsflash that matters to most people. However, I live in a weird, little corner of the world where the community knows about vintage manners and dress, and would be absolutely shocked to see such nonsense published in a quality, socially-redeeming magazine, like InStyle's July issue.

The issue features pictures and descriptions of a celebrity mother-daughter tea party and includes a blurb saying "(Actress Holly) Robinson Peete used the gloves at each place setting to give her daughter an etiquette lesson."

Even worse, there's an accompanying picture of two other little girls eating while wearing their gloves. Doesn't anyone know any better?
To paraphrase an old manners manual: To dance without gloves is as vulgar as eating while wearing them.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled life, with no further interruption by useless historical tidbits.


Mamacita Tina said...

I need to attend some sort of etiquette school since I have absolutely no clue about these things. :-)

Bon said...

we are philistines, this modern world. :)

actually, while i know nada about traditional gloves etiquette, it does irk me when the commodities of another time are presented in the wrong context, by people claiming to know better.

who would eat with gloves on? that's just...messy.

mayberry said...

Agree with Bon -- not just inappropriate, but messy too!

ewe are here said...

I'm no expert in this area, but even I know you don't eat in the gloves.

Think of the bleach you'd need to keep them pristine!

dancing dragon said...

That's an interesting tidbit. Even worse would be to dance with gloves and then eat with the same gloves. An etiquette lesson should include some reasons for the etiquette!

fourthbreakfast said...

I saw that in In Style and it bugged me too. Ha!

Lady M said...

Gentlemen are expected to have several pairs of fresh gloves on hand, so that they never have to offer a hand in a soiled glove to a lady. I don't recall seeing mention of extra gloves for ladies, but maybe that's because they weren't expected to ever get messy. That part of history I can live without.