Thursday, July 05, 2007

Recreational Drinking

I didn't use to be much of a recreational drinker. Liquids were to quench thirst (water) or provide heat (hot chocolate). I've never been a Starbucks junkie, a connoisseur of wine, or in need of drowning my sorrows in beer.

In the last couple of years though, I've become a fan of pearl milk teas. Also known as boba or bubble tea, they're a flavored Taiwanese drink with tapioca balls at the bottom, slurped through a wide straw. Entertainment and refreshment, all in one cup. My favorite flavor is red bean, and I enjoyed several during dance week while Q was not in the vicinity of the choking hazard that the tapioca balls must certainly be.

Darn - Should I have saved the favorite flavor fact for the "10 things about me" and "8 things about me" memes for which I'm collating tidbits?

And another side note – my mom asked me if I knew what 'boba' meant, and I said that I guessed it was some kind of slang term for bubbles. She said, "Uh, well, think of Pamela Anderson." Thanks, Mom.

Back to the drink topic now. SwingDaddy has convinced me that Icees and Slurpies are cool and refreshing too (and easier to come by, if you're not in California). Cheers!

P.S. Following up on the Star Spangled Banner topic from yesterday: Does it annoy anyone else that our national anthem is practically unsingable except by professionals? It's become an "event song" where pop stars show off and call attention to themselves, rather than to the song itself, the flag, or our country.

I tend to be fond of the more participatory anthems where everyone sings along without having to mouth the words when the range gets too high. Either that, or we need more vocal training for our grade schoolers.


Lara said...

oh shoot, i'm going to out myself here, because i LOVE singing the national anthem. belting the high parts is so satisfying for a soprano, and it feels very patriotic. i admit, though, that it's not very easy to do if you're not a sop. :-P

mayberry said...

I've never tried one of the pearl milk teas - I bet I would love them, since I am a big tea-o-phile. (One who can't really sing the anthem, but usually tries anyway.)

Damsel said...

Exactly what mayberry said. :-)

Lady M said...

Lara - It does feel very patriotic to sing the anthem. I think that most people can't get past the red rockets though, and start faking it after that. ;)

Mayberry and Damsel - I would send you some, if it would ship well!

Motherhood Uncensored said...

And honestly, even professionals have a hard time with it *ahem* -- it's ridiculously hard.

I need to try one of those bubble teas.

ewe are here said...

Haven't had pearl milk tea, but I grew up on 7-11 slurpees. Had stacks of the collectible cups for them, too.