Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Perfectly Me Bikini

I found it. I found it!

I haven't worn a bathing suit since before I was pregnant with Q, so when SwingDaddy started talking about summer swimming, I realized it was time to get to the mall and do the dreaded swimsuit search.

I love the little boy short styles, but they're harder to find than they used to be. For some reason, the first cute pair I saw only came with D-cup tops, which has got to be the first time I've found a bikini that was too spacious. Next I found a cute pair of blue swimshorts, but all the matching tops had a massive anchor applique over the left breast. WTF? Did they burn a hole in the fabric and have to cover it up with a distraction? (Not that this has happened to me or Costume Conspirator in any of our projects, no siree.)

And finally, finally, I found the perfect bikini. Black and white polka dots with red ribbons. What could be more me?

Wanna see?

No, not on me. I'll just show you the model pictures. Shorts from the left picture, halter top from the right picture. Ready for the beach, or at least toddler swim lesson supervision.


bubandpie said...

So cute.

Alas, I will never again wear a bikini - the stretch marks go all the way up. I'm clinging to my maternity bathing suit because at least it has the boy shorts (and you're right - they can hardly be had for love or money these days).

Damsel said...

I'm with bubandpie. *sigh* My body wasn't bikini-worthy before my pregnancy, and will never be again... color me jealous that you get to wear that cute thing!!! You go girl!

Kimberly said...

That is an utterly adorable bikini! I pink puffy heart polkadots!

ewe are here said...

Ooh. Very cute!

I still have a few pounds to lose, all in the tummy, plussome crunches to start doing, so no bikini for me this year.


Lara said...

you're right, M - nothing could be more perfect for you. :) i'm sure you'll look amazingly cute at all those toddler swimming lessons. you and bubbers are welcome to come swim here anytime you like!

alyndabear said...

That is so gorgeous! Love the black & red!

mayberry said...

Love it!

Lady M said...

I just have to be brave enough to wear it now! Or maybe adding a pair of Minnie Mouse ears will complete the costume.

Ewe - with a newborn, you would be a wonder woman to feel ready for a bikini already! Soon, soon. :)

John said...

Ma'am, My girlfriend loves those bikinis. If you could just give me the website you got the pitcures from I would be in your debt. You can e-mail me at MrFitzIII@gmail.com. Thank you have have a great day