Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh Say Can You See

The habits of kids these days. This morning, I played some YouTube videos of the national anthem to entertain Q while SwingDaddy took a nap, and I taught him to put his right hand over his heart during the song. Yeah, well he does it, but his other hand is held in front of him, pretending to hold a microphone. Soooo close, but not quite the respect for our nation that I was going for.

We've had relaxing family time over the holiday – the zoo, BBQs with friends, long naps. It was hot enough that we came upon this squirrel sprawled in the shade, unwilling to move until we were within two feet of its paws.

Here are Q and SwingDaddy, admiring our friend's gorgeous Samoyed. Beautifully tempered dog, but I think she's had to remove all black items from her wardrobe. Either that, or keep a lint brush handy at all times.


Lara said...

i'm really glad to hear you guys had a good holiday. happy fourth to you all. :)

bubandpie said...

I start sweating just looking at that squirrel.

Kimberly said...

heh. Watching PBS today, Diva Girl became curious about the U.S. national anthem and asked me to sing it for her. I told her I didn't know all the words; she asked me to try anyway. So, being an accommodating mom and wanting to nurture this impromptu social studies lesson, I sang, mumbled, and hummed my way through.

Her assessment:

"Is that why Canada is better than the United States? Because our anthem is easier to sing?"

You'll be happy to hear I actually checked the impulsive response: "No, it's because we have socialized health care and a reasonable maternity leave." and instead preached cross-border tolerance and equality.

Happy 4th of July!

Bon said...

the little dude and the dog and the daddy and especially the squirrel...all pretty sweet to look at.

but i'm especially agog at the squirrel. apparently i need to move to a hotter clime so i can admire cute wildlife up close. here, they scurry if you come within twenty feet.

Occidental Girl said...

The heart crossed AND the microphone! That's pretty American. :) Happy 4th.

Lady M said...

Lara- Thanks, I hope you had a good 4th too.

B&P - Me too. At first I thought it might be sick, but as soon as we got close enough, he scampered off.

Kimberly - I've got to pick up this topic tonight - why is the US anthem so darn hard to sing? It's not a participatory song! Thanks for showing such cross-nation cheer. ;)

Bon- I think there might have been a melting ice cube there or something, making that spot of ground particularly appealing.

OG - Ha, yes, American!