Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Meme to End All Memes

At this point, I know there is at least one of my readers saying, "What the &*%^ is a meme?" and my shallow attempt at research reveals that Wikipedia's answer addresses the "cultural evolution and diffusion" theory and doesn't actually cover the current bloggy usage, which is "a set of questions with which a blogger 'tags' other bloggers to answer."

I've been blessed to be tagged lots lately, like a wall near graffiti artist headquarters. It's fun to join, so I thank all my taggers, but I am pathetically slow to respond, usually, from over-thinking the questions.

So today, I bring you the meme to end all memes, inspired by Bon, my meme hero. Her creativity in tackling the lists is remarkable. I remember in particular when she combined the "10 Things About You" and "What's In Your Refrigerator" memes to show ten things in her fridge.

(Note: Unrelated photos from my outing to the Farmer's Market with Q are strewn about to keep the interest of those less interested in text.)

First, up, "8 Things About Me" complete with Rules, tagged by Bubandpie. Eight items seemed a little random for an orderly mind, so I added an octave theme, to help me along (think "Do, A Deer" from "The Sound of Music." Do – re – mi – fa – so – la – ti – do).


A. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Here goes:

Dough – I bake a pretty good apple bread. It used to be fantastic, but somehow it's turned out dry in the last two bakings, so I have to do some investigating. Q still loves it though!

Ray(s of sunlight) – I used to buy one tube of sunscreen ever other summer, carefully write the date of purchase on it, and throw it away at expiration two years later, almost entirely unused. Yeah, because even though I live in California, I spent that much time inside. These days, we're going through sunblock by the gallon, taking Q for walks and splashing in fountains.

Me – I'm not entirely hopelessly self-centered, but pretty close. The blog probably doesn't help much.

Fa(r) – I was born in a small university town in New York State and our family moved far away to California right before I started high school. I was sad to leave my friends, but it was pretty cool to live in a place with 300+ sunny days a year, instead of the 64 (per year!) in my old hometown.

Sew – I'm really, really good at emergency costume repair. I've been known to bring threaded needles (white thread for the bride, and also the color of the bridesmaid dresses) to weddings of friends, just in case. Yes, I have been put to work fixing dresses on more than one such occasion.

La (la la) – I've played piano since I was four and also spent a couple years playing the cello in orchestras. I'm looking forward to having a piano in our house again.

Tea – Darn it, I already used my pearl milk tea story and I don't really have another one. Not much to say about golf tees or t-ball. How about T-shirts? I used to collect t-shirts from all the dance events we attended. I've pared way back though – closet space is too precious. My sister uses the old shirts to make hammocks for her pets now.

Dough, the other kind – I'm a believer in following your dreams, and figuring out how to do it in a fiscally responsible way.

So that's eight. I still need two more for "Ten Things About Me" from Smiling Mom. I was also tagged for the "Things I Love About Me" meme from Solo Mom, and I'm too self-conscious today to write much about that. So, to wrap up the super-meme, I'm going to list two things I love about myself.

1) I love that I like myself more and more, instead of bemoaning getting older. I think I'm smarter, more resourceful, and sexier than I was a year ago.

2) I love my determination. If I/we/my family/my team really wants something, it'll happen.

I'm going to tag:
Momma to LG
K Goose's Mom

You get to pick which of the three memes you want to do and if you want to do them at all. Apologies if you've already done these and I'd forgotten! Of course, anyone who wants to self-tag is always welcome.

Hmmm, being able to combine memes efficiently really pleases me, as an industrial engineer. And I guess that's a bonus fact about me.


dancing dragon said...

What a neat idea for a meme with the do-re-mi theme!

Lara said...

first off, i love that last pic of bubbers with the strawberry. very cute. :)

second, thanks for the tag! i will get to it this week sometime, i'm sure.

bubandpie said...

Julie Andrews, I bow down!

Suzanne said...

So clever! And how cool that you are liking yourself as you get older -- it's refreshing to hear someone say that.

ewe are here said...

Great way to do the 8!

Smiling Mom said...

I'm impressed! I think I'll take your lead next time I let the memes pile up. :-)

Jenny said...

You are so freaking creative.

Now I'm going to be singing that song all day long though.

YF said...

LadyM, I loved your last 2, the things you love about yourself... really good. Thanks for the tag, I will get on it soon!

mayberry said...

I almost feel I shouldn't comment, because you already have 8 comments! Love the way you did this, and the fun facts.

binkytown said...

Wow. An industrial engineer? Really? You should do memes more often!

K goose blog said...

I better get writing... amazing how much sun you get when you have a little one... how much time did I spend inside before? yikes!

Damsel said...

These are great... You are so creative.

Thanks for the tag! I did it awhile back here, though. I might do it again, but it took me forever to come up with those! LOL! I wasn't nearly as creative as you, either. I did the standard-issue-science-teacher 1-8. :(

Alex Elliot said...

That was really cool! I didn't realize you were an industrial engineer.

Lady M said...

Thanks ya'll! I'm looking forward to reading other Eights (and Tens and Loves).

Mamacita Tina said...

You clever, clever woman! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.