Thursday, July 19, 2007

Me in 10 Seconds

wife, mother
reader, writer, photographer
dancer, choreographer, director
teacher, techie
lover, sleeper, breather

Mocha Momma came up with this super-quick meet & greet for folks going (and not going) to BlogHer. Instructions here, if you'd like to participate!

I read my blurb out loud, and it takes exactly ten seconds. I couldn't figure out how Mocha and others managed to get their longer posts in ten seconds, until I realized that there's no rule stipulating you can't read in your head . . . like you usually do with a blog. I've been busy writing copy to be read aloud lately at work, so that's probably why I automatically defaulted to that mode.

One year ago, I was honored to have written co-founder Elisa Camahort's favorite quote about BlogHer '06: Momma to LG, a teacher, said last week that her husband referred to BlogHer as her "geeky conference." In our intrinsically geeky household, it was considered my "girly conference."

I may not be able to generate her favorite '07 quote, but I'm excited to be going to BlogHer again, and I'll be wearing my blingy "M" necklace as easy identification. And braids, so that you can find me for ten points in the CoolMomPicks Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Pictures to Ponder: Seen on our walk yesterday, on the sidewalk in front of an office building parking lot.
And twenty feet later.
Hmmm. Ideas, anyone? Perhaps the view of the asphalt would be disrupted.


Damsel said...

I daresay you'd never find signs like that in Texas. The farmers and ranchers (and wannabes) would have a fit.

Mocha said...

Yeah, 10 seconds is like some arbitrary number. If I said, "Be succinct!" people would have asked for a definition, right? ;-)

I need that necklace, too. Ok, I need two of them.

Love the quote, btw. Very cute. See you...umm...soonish?

Amber said...

Blast, you beat me out on the braids!

And pressure's on for another memorable quote. We'll all be waiting. :-)

mayberry said...

And are you bringing the little orange guy too? Can't wait to see you again!

Mary Tsao said...

I'll be looking for the braids!

Lady M said...

Damsel - I can imagine!

Mocha - I've been bending rules so much lately for memes that I thought I'd try to be really good this time. M's unite! :)

Amber - You need to wear braids too, since I'll have to get a photo.

Mayberry - contemplating bringing JFF - he might take too much space!

ewe are here said...

Very strange parking requirements.

Love the necklace.