Sunday, July 01, 2007

Little Pitchers and Their Big Ears

Originally posted at Alex Elliot's as part of the Blog Exchange.

For accuracy, this post should really be titled "In My Child's Ears." Or perhaps, "In My Child's Nose." No, not sniffing drugs, you naughty people, I'm talking about boogers.

Anyway, let's get back on topic: In my child's eyes, what I do and say is magnified and recorded.

Sometimes, I'm pleased with the reflection. When my two-year old son wraps his arms around my shoulders in preparation for a piggyback ride, he tells me, "Hold on! Be careful!" I can tell he's been hearing my safety advice. After I put him down, he says, "Good job, mama." He's hearing encouragement – I'm glad of that too.

Other times, I find that an offhand remark has been taken to heart. A couple of days ago, we were playing air guitar, and he requested "Killer Queen," a challenging Freddie Mercury tune. I must have said something about its complexity, because when we mention the song now, he always says, "Killer Queen is very hard."

Imagine if I had said, "Math is hard," like those infamous talking Barbie dolls and he'd ingested that instead. I don't imagine that he truly understands all that he's saying, but it can be surprising how repeating words can make things feel true.

Occasionally, I am quite chagrined to learn what must be the most common words out of my mouth. Yesterday, he sat on my lap and examined my face intently. I smiled back fondly at him. He took his blankie and rubbed in on my cheek. Awwww. Then he rubbed my nose and said, "Mama, you have boogers."

For the record, there was no mucus in my nose! But I guess we know what we've been talking about here.

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