Sunday, July 29, 2007

Japanese Fruit Friend and Pals

Japanese Fruit Friend, pictured with his little siblings, which were gifts to bloggy friends this weekend in the brocade bags. One of the highlights was meeting Jenny, craft heroine of ljcfyi, for whom I'd especially picked a pink momo.

Time to pack up and cross my fingers for travel out of Chicago. Stories, pictures, and reflections on BlogHer later in the week!


Blondie said...

Yeah, I found you! It was so nice to meet you this weekend. :) And these little ball creatures are cracking me up. Please tell me you make them.

Lara said...

hope you had a great time! looking forward to the recaps. :)

Kimberly said...

I love Persimmon. She's in a place of honour between the Tater and the Spud. I can't wait to give The Ladies theirs tomorrow.

Hope everything went great travelwise!

Sandra said...

Loving my gift more than you can possibly know. Missing you already. Heading to China town for your treats when I am back from vacation (in two weeks) ... stay tuned.

Big hugs!!!

PunditMom said...

It was great to meet you and hang out with that crazy Bloggess! ;)

Karianna said...

Oh, such fun! Glad to have seen you. (And thanks for my mini-pal!)

kittenpie said...

Hey! It was SO good to meet you. I'm glad you decided to bring FF in the end because now I can say I patted him. I may never wash my hand again. Which means you won't want to shake hands with me or let me touch him next year, but you know, life has it's costs, right?

ewe are here said...

Oh, what cute little creatures.

Wish I could have been there.

Mom101 said...

JFF should know that his little white sibling is now in the very happy hands of Thalia, who has named it "Happy Face Ball."

Thank you once again. You are always a delight, Lady M.

Lady M said...

Blondie - It was wonderful to meet you too! I made the brocade bags, but not the anthropomorphic Jam Buns (a snack food).

Lara - I have hugs to pass along to you.

Kimberly - Glad that you like Persimmon. Were the others a hit with the girls?

Sandra - You are too sweet to try to find that childhood pastry for me!

Punditmom - So nice to meet you too! On my way to your place to visit.

Karianna - It was great to sit and chat. We're going to have to get together in California.

Kittenpie - I'm so glad that we got to meet! Do wash your hands. I'll bring JFF next time too. Ha!

Ewe - I missed seeing you too! Next time.

Mom101 - Happy Face Ball is a perfect name.