Monday, July 09, 2007

Guns on the Playground

You've probably seen the articles about parents valiantly trying to keep their kids from ever seeing a gun in the media.

"Our kids can't watch TV."
"We don't allow them to see any movies."
"We forbid violent play – no pirates, cowboys, or cops vs bad guys."
"No toy guns."

I agree that you should keep your child away from material inappropriate for their ages, but there is a certain amount of nature involved in play. There was one mom who realized that the "no toy guns or even construction paper cut-outs of guns" rule wasn't going to hold when her five-year-old son chewed a gun shape out of his peanut-butter sandwich and waved it at his three-year-old brother.

So imagine the worry I had when Q was playing in the garage and pulled out his dad's orange and purple SuperSoaker, a huge water G-U-N. What are we teaching him?

He pointed it at the hydrangea, pretended to squirt it, and watered each plant in turn down the garden.


P.S. Thanks for your responses to my post yesterday. It was a record-setting comment day. Hugs!


Mayberry said...

Time to put that boy to work keeping the plants watered!

Opie likes to pretend everything that is remotely long and skinny is a hose.

Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a wee pint-sized gardener! (maybe it's time to buy WB a water gun ;))

Lady M said...

Mayberry - Q is pretty fond of hoses too. The two boys can form a gardening collective.

HBM - She'll rule the world with one!

Mamacita Tina said...

Q is one smart cookie! He made the connection that the thing he was holding would spray water, and plants of course need it. Brilliant!

Gunfighter said...

What a world we live in.

I'm glad Q got some watering in!