Monday, July 23, 2007

Five New Uses for Your Mobile Phone

For everyone going to BlogHer or vacationing soon, here are a few travel tips.

1) Use the camera option of your mobile phone to take a picture of your hotel room number, so that you're not wandering the halls late at night, trying to figure out where you belong.

2) Take a picture of your luggage, in case it gets lost and you have to describe it.

3) Take a picture of your rental car so it'll be easier to find when you return to the parking lot.

4) Take a picture of your child in case you get separated and you're so panicked that you can't describe what he's wearing to the theme park officials.

5) Use the alarm setting as a backup to the hotel wake-up call.

Happy travels!


mayberry said...

Also: remember to bring it in the first place. That's usually my issue.

ewe are here said...

Tip No. 7: And take pictures to share with those of us who aren't going to Blogher. :-(

Bob said...

Good ones.

alyndabear said...

Very smart list. I like it!

Lady M said...

Mayberry - Plus the recharger!

Ewe - Will share!

Bob and Alynda - Thanks.

Derek said...

You forgot to tell people to purchase fulltrack music from the sprint music store, c'mon thats day 1 stuff.