Monday, July 02, 2007

But What Do You Write About?

The other day, a non-blogging friend asked me what I write about. "What if nothing interesting happens that day? What if it's a boring day? Do you write something anyway?"

Actually, it'd be lovely to have a dull day now and again, with no crises or fires to fight. There are certainly plenty of days where there's nothing appropriate to address in the blog, but none where nothing happened.

I posted every day for the first year of my blog, and now I usually post six times during the week. I find that I definitely don’t run out of material. Instead, I run out of time. Is that the case for you? I'm always trying to tap out a story that I want to remember, before I fall asleep over the keyboard.

I didn't tell my friend about Plan B: The cute picture in lieu of post.

Q, who apparently suffers from a syndrome of sleep-drumming.


P.S. Sorry I've been delinquent this last week in commenting. It's been kinda crazy and I've been devoting time to people right here in front of me. I think I'm about all caught up visiting y'all now though.


Mamacita Tina said...

Thought I'd see how you all are doing. Love this picture!

Know what you mean, always material to write, just finding time that doesn't take away from family.

Hope Q is napping again. When Ian and Laurel miss naps, ugh, they get so wired!

bubandpie said...

For the first three months or so of blogging, I never ran out of material (though I sometimes published every other day instead of every day). My first blogger's block struck at that time, and it crops up periodically. Right now I've got more ideas than time, but that's partly because I keep getting tagged for memes.

Speaking of which - tag!

Damsel said...

Great post... in fact, it inspired my post today! I linked to you...

Occidental Girl said...

Yes, I agree: plenty of material but not always the time. I liked your picture of Q "sleep drumming". The pictures take me a while to process, especially after a trip where I want to tell a story. Again, not enough time.

Tracey said...

Great pic. And I am always thinking of things I want to write but forget 90% of them by the time I sit down. Oh, the loss that the bloggy world has suffered over my memory problems!

Alex Elliot said...

I have the same problem.

Lady M said...

Mamacita Tina - so good to hear from you again! Q is napping again, thank god.

Bubandpie - Thanks for the tag. How am I going to limit to 8?

Damsel - nice post!

OG - Giving up sleep to post is not working for me . . .

Tracey - I've been collecting scattered post-its and trying to type them up into blog ideas, but it doesn't quite work that way. Something always interrupts, somehow.

Alex - :)

ewe are here said...

More ideas than time over here. Probably why a lot of my posts are rather silly.