Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beyond Brooms

I've long documented Q's fascination with brooms and how any stick-like object gets treated as such. We've now advanced to other cleaning implements.

Q found SwingDaddy's old hobby horse (handmade by his mom and dad when he was little!) and was sweeping the kitchen floor diligently. Nanny J used an unfamiliar Chinese word for his actions, and I paused to watch.

The dude stuck the head of the horse in a bucket, pulled it up, wrung out the mane, and continued . . . mopping. He's way better at housekeeping than I am.


Kimberly said...

should totally introduce the little dude to curling. He'd be in his element.

mayberry said...

Nice work! Go Q!

Lady M said...

The sad thing is that I don't think I could do a quality mopping to save my life, and the dude is a pro. I guess I'll have to learn from him!

Karianna said...

I love him so much and his super-cleaning powers. He and my son should get together; mine at age 3 is a dustbustering pro.

Most kids have Baby Books - Q will have a Broom Book. Better save up now for that special broom he brings to college.

(And I second Kimberly's comment - GO CURLING!)

Mamacita Tina said...

If my mop looked that fun, I might clean more often.