Friday, June 08, 2007

Where Does The Time Go?

It used to be that I would watch the clock and wonder how I was going to fill the 45 minutes before Q’s bedtime. How many Boynton books would he listen to before he started fussing? Would I really go insane by singing one more rendition of the alphabet song? Maybe I could help him learn how to roll over or sit up (and bark, for that matter).

Now the little dude is two, and I can’t believe how inventive he is. A quick rummage through his toy bin produces guitars and drums for everyone nearby, and he gives orders for his accompaniment. Next, we’re all to stand up and join him for a round of martial arts, complete with stern facial expressions. It’s bedtime before we know it.

On a day-to-day basis, I spend too much effort focusing on just getting through the list of tasks – change him out of PJs into daytime clothes, serve milk, read a morning story, get shoes, hat, sunglasses, and diaper bag together for an outing – so that we can spend time together, having fun.

It’s good to remember that we’re spending time together during those tasks too. The getting-ready minutes are just as important, and can be as memorable as the officially-having-fun minutes. A tickle-fest here, peekaboo there, and we’re out the door, more or less on time, and already happy.

(Not that we don’t have the occasional monumental melt-down, but hey, who’s perfect around here?)

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Q says, There’s always time to see a fire truck!


dana said...

He's so adorable! Great photos of you two!

Damsel said...

What a fabulous post. Thank you so much for that reminder.

I, too, am a task-oriented person, mentally checking things off the list as we progress through the day. I have a project mentality. "OK, breakfast is done. Two hours until snack time. What are we going to have for that? Grapes and animal crackers, ok, check..." and on and on.

YF said...

excellent post. i totally agree. but i am almost afraid to play during task time, for fear that when i am in a hurry she will want to play. i might try to ease up a bit... and enjoy more everyday too.

Lady M said...

Dana - thanks for stopping by!

Damsel - I'm a total list-checker too.

YF - Yeah, there are certainly enough times where I'm chasing a small person around, holding his clothes, while he yelps, "No pants! No pants!"

mayberry said...

I am the worst offender of rushing through bedtime!

I love that martial arts must come with the proper facial expressions. Q is so awesome.