Sunday, June 03, 2007

What’s Black and White and Red?

People are usually familiar with the idea of a costume “reveal.” For example, a performer might pull away a long flowy skirt to show a short one underneath. Certainly, everyone remembers the reveal gone awry several SuperBowls ago with Janet Jackson. Do any costume experts out there know what the opposite is called?

The big Charleston number features the single most stressful moment in any of our dances, a costume “add,” as we’ll call it for lack of another term. The boys distract the audience for a few measures with crazy steps and when the girls turn around, we’re all wearing full length red gloves. The stress is my fault, since I wrote it that way, but it’s worth it. Time and again, people come up and say how much they love that surprise and comment on the effect of the sudden red across the original palette of black and white.

Here’s our crew carefully preparing gloves in the dark felt covers that hide them onstage. Each lady has her preferred way of folding them so that they can go on in an instant. There are various stories of mishaps where someone ends up with floppy fingers from not quite getting a glove in place, but we’ve mostly made it on cue.


Lara said...

funny thing is? when i read the title of the post, i thought you were going to talk about the schottische costumes with the red flowers. i have no idea why that occurred to me but charleston X didn't. :-P

tali said...

I can just hear myself in that set-up picture, saying "don't you dare mix them up!"

But, performing this piece is really fun, glove stress nonwithstanding =)

dancing dragon said...

I wondered what went on behind the scenes for that super fast glove change. :)

From the pictures I've seen of the show, it looked like a fabulous performance.

Lady M said...

Lara - Ha! I'll have to write another "B&W&R" post for Schottische.

Tali - Yes, I think we're all a little worried about never getting them mixed up!

Dancing Dragon - Next time, we should arrange for a taking-off of costume pieces. ;)

MaryP said...

I'm from Ottawa. Black and white and red? The SENS, of course! (Who are well on their way to NOT winning the Stanley Cup, sigh...)

(And, no, I'm not a hockey fan, really, but there's NO escaping it in this town this week!)

Anyway... I love that last picture, and I'm very impressed that you women can slide those things on - right down to the fingers - in such a short time-frame!!