Monday, June 04, 2007

Sports Involving Twacking Things with Sticks

Q’s favorite activities in his toddler sports class? Hockey and T-ball, of course. What could be better than a sanctioned opportunity to play with stick-like objects?

I took him to class last Friday, since we’d formulated some complicated childcare plans to cover the dance concert week. SwingDaddy and I each took two mornings off work, Nanny J came for the afternoon and evening, and Madame A, Titanium Guy, and my ever helpful parents covered the late evenings. Whew. Four nights in a row was a little challenging, but it came together successfully.

Anyway, back to sports class. Q has really picked up skills since I last took him to an organized exercise group. I used to move his arms and legs as the instructor called out steps, but in the last few weeks, he’s learned the ropes.

Reach for your toes.

Stretch up high.

Proud mama.

Thanks, Dad, for taking the photos!

In a completely unrelated note, I was listening to old Police albums in preparation for going to see the band later this month, and I remembered hearing a college acapella group singing "King of Pain" long ago. I’m generally fond of acapella music, but it was ironic to hear a tune about loneliness and solitary despair performed in 16-voice, 4-part harmony. I’m looking forward to seeing the original version live.


Lara said...

those are adorable pics, M! he's getting very good at his various activities. :)

(are you sick of the first comment of every post being from me yet?)

Occidental Girl said...

Yes, very adorable!

Yeah, the acapella would be a little too peppy for such subject matter. I love harmony, I'll bet they were great. Enjoy the show!

It's weird when you have to figure out childcare options when you have something going on. I have to scramble, too, because I barely know anyone and we have no family less than two hours' drive away. Yikes!

Mom101 said...

I love the image in my head of swingdaddy with his camera strapped on, taking pictures of you together while you have yours strapped on. Probably because it's a lot like us.

Your son's a looker.

Lady M said...

Lara - Like you, I'm never sick of clever comments.

OG - My folks are actually 8 hours drive away, so I'm doubly grateful for their visit.

Mom101 - Yeah, we're a little tech heavy 'round these parts.