Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sniffing Butts and Picking Noses – The Other Side of Motherhood

A couple of days ago, I succeeded getting some major boogers cleaned out of Q's nose. I'm talking about this as an accomplishment on the order of - if not exceeding - pride in that big project commit at the end of May. The little dude can breathe again – woohoo!

As a bonus, since I was letting him play with the TV/universal remote while I tended his nose, I saw the look of utter joy on his face when he managed the set of commands to turn on the TV. There are at least half a dozen adult visitors with engineering degrees who haven't been able to figure that out.

Before I became a mother, I didn't ever think I would sniff-test a baby to see if he was poopy. I definitely didn't know I'd become obsessed with clean noses. It was all I could do to keep my hands off my colleague's dirty nose the other day, but I didn't think the marketing staff would appreciate my efforts.

Watch out, I’m looking at your nose.


mayberry said...

I know that feeling. It is sooooo satisfying to get those big ol' boogs out.

Lady M said...

There are just too many opportunities for that kind of work. ;)