Thursday, June 14, 2007

Police Tickets - The Good Kind

You know you've been eating at airports too often when the cashier tells you that it'll be $11 for a hotdog and water, and you think, "Hey, that's not too bad."

Lady O and I went to see the Police in concert last night and had a grand old time. Public transport actually worked out well. The air was pretty stuffy, but I never felt unsafe. Of course, Cha regularly takes BART to and from Oakland Raiders games, so it isn't like aging rock fans would be more rowdy.

After acquiring those hotdogs, we shouldered our way through the crowd to our seats, checking out the t-shirts from a distance. They had shirts featuring the design of their last album (Synchronicity, 1983), and I thought if they were truly enterprising, they should sell the new ones at one price, and also sell ones that looked vintage at double price. We did see at least one fan in a very faded original.

We sat through two opening bands, one good (Fiction Plane) and one mediocre, and had time to chat about a few overdue memes. I haven't forgotten about them, Smiling Mom, Momma to LG, and Solo Mom!

The Police had already broken up before I started listening to rock, but as a Sting fan, I faithfully bought their old albums (on tape and LP, good God), so I knew all the tunes. Good songs, good performers. With just the original power trio on stage, it's quite a contrast from the lush orchestrations and soul backup singers with whom Sting toured as a solo artist.

We were sitting in front of some highly enthusiastic fans who sang cheerfully along, off-key, the whole night. One guy in particular was so happy that I couldn't be annoyed. I remembered the lyrics to far more songs than expected (not so difficult, given that the early Police songs have about twelve words in them), so I've been reminded of more repertory at my disposal when Q requests another rock song.

SwingDaddy sang "Cherry Pie" one time after a bout of Guitar Hero, and now the little dude specifically requests it. I'm trying to get him hooked on "Message in a Bottle" instead.


Kimberly said...

So Jealous. And happy that you got to do this, of course. But...Sting!!!! The Police!!! That is just awesome.

Suzanne said...

I'm glad it was a good concert -- I'm going to see them in July and was hoping they'd recovered from their apparently sloppy opening concert in Vancouver.

Lady M said...

Kimberly - If it makes you feel better, the view will be much better when they come out with the concert DVD. ;)

Suzanne - I heard that the "sloppy" description was from Stewart Copeland's own blog - funny! They sounded good this week though.

mayberry said...

I'd love to see that show. I did see Sting once in college--had to hang on to a boyfriend for a few extra months because he'd bought the tickets...!