Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parents of a Formerly Shy Child

I was a shy child and SwingDaddy was a shy child, so it's not entirely surprising that Q has been pretty shy too. We've certainly spent our share of playgroup time on the sidelines, with Q hanging onto a leg or arm, watching other children cavort. I've worried that he wasn't socializing enough, but since he usually warms up to a group after a while, I figured he'd outgrow it.

Well, last weekend at my parents' house, he did. Q came out of his shell. In a classic case of "be careful what you wish for," we learned exactly how exhausting it is to chase a small, exuberant child all over a garden party. He waved at guests, explored the vegetable platter, and displayed handfuls of rocks. He had an audience, and he was going to milk it.

Those of you who have been parents to spirited children all along, hats off to you!

I expect that he'll move in and out of his shy phase for a long time (perhaps forever, like his parents). There are some times, for instance airport security, where it's pretty convenient if your child decides to stay close by, instead of performing kung fu to the waiting line of shoeless passengers. Not that that has happened to us or anything.


Lara said...

yeah, he played the shy game temporarily with my mom, but fortunately, she's good about making kids feel comfortable, so it didn't last long. i love that he's gotten a bit more adventurous, but i also love that he's still cautious around strangers - means less reason to worry when you're all out in public. :)

mayberry said...

I bet the shoeless passengers were entertained, even if you weren't!

LOVE that pirate shirt!

Rugger Mom said...

Oh the joys of having an extrovert. LR says "hi" to our neighbors, the deli man, and the bunnies in the yard. It's awesome, but totally exhausting, as you found out. Maybe LR will have a shy stage?

Momma to LG said...

Welcome to our world! It is crazy at times but so much fun at others.

Lady M said...

Lara - He'll wave to more people now. A good start.

Mayberry - My sister found the shirt!

Rugger Mom - Here's hoping for his "shy" phase. ;)

Momma to LG - Oh, I feel for you!

Damselfly said...

I *love* this photo! Love it!