Sunday, June 17, 2007

Not in Your Ears Either

Flexible parenting is all about being able to make quick shifts in plans, right?

I was going to take Q to the farmer's market this morning while SwingDaddy joined friends on a Father's Day bike ride, but the little guy was distinctly uninterested in being separated from the tools and old vacuum cleaner in the garage. So he spent most of the morning waving vacuum appendages around, making vacuuming noises. Instead of locally grown, fresh produce, we had PB&J.

New skills:
- Opening the door to the cage of Lady O's pet rats.
- Climbing into his crib himself, with a nifty dive over the slide, followed by a giggle. The clock is ticking on crib usage.
- Wrapping presents, although we must admit that SwingDaddy is a highly tolerant recipient of wrinkly gift wrap.

Mama: Take that out of your mouth. Not in the mouth!
Q: In the eyes? In the nose? In the ears?
Mama (stifling laugh): Don't put it in any of those places either.

Q discovers a relic of the twentieth century. A pay phone!

Hope you had a great Father's Day!


ewe are here said...

I kind of shudder whenever MF dashes into a payphone that 'lives' on the pedestrian mall near where we live... dirrrrty.

Such relics, too. :-)

Lady M said...

Before I was a parent, I didn't know just how useful baby wipes are. It seems like I'm always running around wiping things down (phones, tables, chairs)!