Sunday, June 24, 2007

Look, Don't Lick

We're going through a licking phase here. Q licked a park bench this morning, before I could stop him. Oh well, I suppose he's working on improving his immunity system.

Aside from that, Q and I had a splendid day strolling and playing in fountains. We came across an accordionist who played a Hungarian czardas dance for us, after seeing Q's Budapest t-shirt. He followed up with some waltzes and we danced a bit, clapped along, and ate a lot of corn on the cob. The little dude attacked the corn with vigor, so I had to move quickly to secure my share.

We had a second napless day. Totally hoping this is a fluke.


mayberry said...

Oh no. Joining you in your hope that the naps are only temporarily MIA.

Anonymous said...
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Lady M said...

He napped today, thank heavens.