Monday, June 25, 2007

A Little OCD, Perhaps?

Lisa at the Rage Diaries wrote about voyeurism and grocery lists a few weeks ago, and the comments detail the amusing things people do to keep track of what they need to buy. My habits are notorious among our friends.

We keep a preprinted sheet on the fridge with our most commonly needed grocery items listed by aisle, as products are arranged in the Safeway nearest our house. When we're out of something, we circle it on the list, or write it in the column corresponding to the aisle, if it's an unusual item. That way, the shopping trip is really efficient, with no doubling-back.

I did have to do a big update to the master list when they did a remodel last year, but the system has worked pretty well for us. Now and again, I replace items (like 2% instead of whole milk, when Q got old enough to switch).

Are you weirded out or do you have similar habits?

P.S. The Nap came back, the very next day! Whew.


Damsel said...

I have long wanted to do a master list like this. Just never got around to doing it.

It doesn't help that I switch back and forth between two stores, depending on sales, etc. So arranging it by aisle wouldn't really be practical. Though, now that I think about it, the areas are still the same (dairy, meat, canned goods, etc.).

I think you've just inspired me for yet another project this summer. :) Thanks for the reminder that I really did want to do this!

Another friend of mine makes a picture list for her son (2 1/2 years old) of a few things that she always has to get at the store -- milk, bread, hamburger meat, eggs, etc. Then he can help match the pictures to the object.

mayberry said...

See, I intend to do something like that, and never actually do it!

Bob said...

I do admire the efficiency of circling the stuff you want on the supermarket layout. But I do look for thing on sale at different stores as I have more time.

Mom101 said...

We have, um, not similar habits. I give Nate a grocery list of maybe 15 items and he comes home with two dozen bags or so. Fun.

Bon said...

i don't have habits like this, but i lust after them.

can i hire you to be me for a day or so and really sort me out? cause i think i'm OCD, just lazy. :)

ewe are here said...

WE made an OCD grocery list, too. Just check the boxes, write in a few 'extras' on the lines provided, and off to the store!

Saves us a lot of thinking time, especially when we're tired.

Lady M said...

I'm happy to share my grocery list, but y'all probably have better eating habits than we do. ;)