Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Licking Knees is Not Part of Any Dance I Know

The Roaring Twenties and nearby decades gave birth to some excellent dance moves that involved impersonating farm animals (pecking like chickens, hopping like bunnies), agricultural activities (picking cherries), and just plain being weird (Black Bottom). Some of them do involve the licking of thumbs, but I haven't seen any historical references to the licking of knees.

The little dude has moved from licking park benches to crawling all over me and licking my shoulders and knees. He followed up with hugs and kisses today, so it was fine, if a bit damp.

We've been a little nuts this week, between teaching dance classes, preparing lesson plans, and performing last night. I also served as producer of the concert, so that included a whole lot of juggling, especially figuring out how to arrange the dances so that the costumes changes worked out between five troupes and twenty dances.

We skipped out on the informal dance gathering tonight and instead trekked over as a family to the neighborhood outdoor music and food event. Q became very attached to the large bag of kettlecorn we brought home. Hug.


Damsel said...

Mmmmmm.... kettle corn.

Now I *really* can't wait for our town's 4th of July festival!

We're still dealing with the licking sometimes, too. It's yucky. If he licks me, though, I put him down and tell him that I won't hold him if he licks. Or I gently put him away from me if I'm not actually holding him, and tell him that he can come back after he stops licking.

From there, it escalates to time out. :P

mayberry said...

Yum--kettlecorn! Smart kid.

Lady M said...

No licking today, so maybe it was a short phase. Hmmm, I wouldn't count on it though!