Saturday, June 09, 2007

In Twelve Years He’ll Be an Insufferable Teen

Some mornings, Q will lounge about in his crib, arms under his head, stretching his feet against the walls, looking all the world like a slothy teen avoiding high school. “You want to get up, cutie?” I ask.

“No.” More lounging. I see where this is going. In a few years, we’ll be working second jobs to keep up with his appetite (already larger than mine) and prying him out of bed to attend American History class. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy his giggly, sweet self. Yesterday, at a particularly fractious moment, he hugged me, patted my shoulder, and said, “Good job, mama.”

Bedtime arrangements have gotten more elaborate too. Accessories include his Cars pillow, pup (pacifier), Big Blankie wrapped over him, and by a new special request, Little Blankie has to go “over eyes.” Is this a toddler sleep mask? Maybe we need to think about dimming his nightlight.

Sleep well, Q.


mayberry said...

That's a hilarious picture! My son has been eating like crazy lately too. I think I need to start saving for the teen groceries now.

ewe are here said...

So cute. And so happy looking.

I'm dreading our food bills in about 10 years, too. Really.

FENICLE said...

I miss the days of our son being so content just "lounging" in the crib like that!! Soak it up!! We have that exact same CARS pillow by the way!

I've got a "WORST Father" contest going on....sort of? It's all in fun. Come over & check it out!


Lady M said...

Mayberry and Ewe - we'll have to start our own gardens to feed the boys. Costco membership anyone?

Fenicle - Excellent pillow. Thanks for coming by to visit!

kittenpie said...

THAT is cute. Does he always wear the eye mask?

Jill B said...

I used to sleep with my covers over my head and it scared/drove my mom crazy (she was afraid I'd suffocate). Also used pillows etc. It was "unconscious" at the time, but as I've grown I've realized it has a lot to do with light. I'm pretty light-sensitive and waking up with light streaming in my closed eyelids tends to give me a headache before I even wake up.