Monday, May 14, 2007

Yes, Mom and Dad, I Voted

Our household is no longer a stranger to reality show voting.

My parents are avid "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars" fans, complete with studious voting. SwingDaddy and I watch the dancing show, but haven't quite gotten rabid enough to vote. It seems pretty goofy to act like voting for your favorite star is silly and plebeian when you're watching the TV program anyway, but hey, we all try to make our limits.

That all changed this week, when my parents went on vacation, and I received strict instructions to vote for Apolo Anton Ohno in their absence.

"The phone lines are only open for half an hour, so make sure you call during that time, " my dad said.

"And make sure you call from both your home phone and cell phone, since you can only vote five times from any phone number," added my mom.

I took this to mean that I was supposed to vote more than once. So, yes I did. Ten votes for Apolo tonight, who is so darn cute with his partner Julianne that I hope he takes home the Mirror Ball trophy to go with his Olympic speedskating medals. The level of difficulty and execution that he's managing is impressive, and Julianne is a top notch choreographer.

SwingDaddy and I like all four semi-finalists and hope that boxing champ Laila Ali makes it to the final too.

We don't watch American Idol (fatal fear of people singing out of tune), so I'm not sure who was my parents' favorite. I'll have to ask Lady O if they assigned voting duty to her.

I'm glad that I can share pop culture zaniness with my parents, and can't wait to come up with requests for Q in years to come.


Damsel said...

That's just funny -- you voting for your parents!

MaryP said...

I never watch these shows, but my daughter loves them. I'll have to send her to these posts of yours. I'm sure she'll learn something. (Usually about dance, but here, she'll learn the virtue of being nice to one's parents!)

fourthbreakfast said...

My assignment was Apolo and Julianne as well. I think the fear was that the voting is very biased. I like Billy Ray Cyrus, bless him, but John Ratzenburger should have stayed a week longer. I only voted 5 times from my landline. The Serene One was giving me such a hard time. :)

YF said...

that is very funny... your parents are hipper then me. yes, did get a new hair cut - in china even! see you soon! xo

mayberry said...

LOL. What I want to know is when is So You Think You Can Dance coming back!

Occidental Girl said...

I'm just gonna say wow, you are a good daughter!

Lady M said...

Damsel and Mary P - Doing my best to be a good daughter. ;)

Fourthbreakfast - Ah-ha. Maybe I'll work out a third phone for next week.

YF - Adventurous - did you have someone to translate to the hairdresser?

Mayberry - May 24!!

OG - Doing my best. ;)

ewe are here said...

This is very funny, your parents insisting that you vote for a reality show contestant in their absence. Repeatedly.

Very funny.

ffbgirl said...

I think you (and the other dance pros in the blogsphere--Jitta, Lara, to name a few) are the rational voters for a show like dancing with the stars...

The rest of us have to decide with very little understanding of the dancing other than if it "looked good to us." That just isn't really rational voting.

And what about all those people who just vote for the stars they like regardless of their dance abilities??

So I thank you for voting with more understanding with the rest of us--even if yours was a proxy vote!!

Vote next week on your own!!

Bob said...

Thanks for the votes.