Saturday, May 19, 2007

So This Cabbage Came Home With Us

What do you do when you see men in labcoats and many, many bottles of Diet Coke?

You've got to stick around and wait for them to inject the Mentos!

We saw the original eepybird guys do their thing today at Maker Faire, a celebration of "arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and Do-It-Yourself". We choose to stand back from the mayhem a bit (not worth getting the kiddo soaked in soda), so the view from the YouTube clip is much better. Madame A, who met us there, agreed that it was cool anyway.

We also saw some beautiful steam-driven robots from Crab Fu.

And the humble teapot helping to provide steam. Or maybe just healthful beverages.

Here's the Pen Car. (Seeing this made me feel like Min!)

One of my unmarketable but unique skills is the ability to spy cute plush at two hundred paces. While standing in line for overpriced real food, I saw a table piled with anthropomorphic food. Could it be My Paper Crane, here all the way from Pennsylvania? Absolutely. I got to meet crafty hero Heidi.

I've broken the self-imposed moratorium on plush acquisition twice recently, starting with the pink Easter Peep. I've been eyeing the adorable cabbage for a long time though and seeing plush produce unexpectedly in person was too much to resist!

On the way out of the Faire, we admired the growing balloon chain an installation artist was floating in the parking lot. He'd only gotten to the yellows when we'd arrived, so it must be about a mile long by now.

We saw some pretty amazing creations, but Q wrapped up the day with his favorite, brooms.


min said...

I'm so jealous! What a fun celebration! I just love festivals where you see all kinds of creative genius and oddities! Love the pen car. I've never seen that one!

Damsel said...

So cute! I love days like those -- just walking around, watching Jet discover things for the first time that are so old hat. No wonder some parents can't resist living vicariously! :P

Bon said...

you're suggesting that perhaps eating Mentos with my Diet Coke isn't a good idea, then?


great shots, and such cool stuff.

Sandra said...

So much fun!

It kills me how much your son looks like mine did at that age.

alyndabear said...

I would LOVE to see the Mentos/Diet Coke explosions up close. Too fun! :)

You and Q look so much alike!!

Jenny said...

That is so, so cool. I've always wanted to try the mentos thing myself but I can't bring myself to waste all that diet coke.

Lady M said...

Min - I think I finally found something comparable to the adventures you see every day.

Damsel - The little guy was pretty intrigued by those robots, that's for sure.

Bon - Uh, yeah. There are some YouTube videos about ingestion too. I haven't been brave enough to watch.

Sandra - Do they really look alike? We'll have to get the together sometime. :)

Aly - Time to do the experiment with your students - all in the name of experimentation, of course!

Jenny - It does seem a shame. I think Coke and Mentos are sponsors now, so they get their stuff for free. Or you could turn your head upwards and drink some as it falls back from the sky!

Karianna said...

The broom obsession makes me laugh every time it is mentioned or pictured. What a nice, clean boy (right?) ;-)