Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not a Girly Girl, but Getting Close

While sorting through my dresser to find all the hairpins and flowers I needed for the show this week, I uncovered three partially used and mostly dried-up tubes of eyelash glue. For someone who is marginally competent with this kind of makeup thing, it was a bit of a stunner.

As I was tossing them out, I noticed that the packaging might be different from tube to tube, but there is apparently only one manufacturer of adhesive. False eyelashes must not be a particularly lucrative business. The fourth one is the one I bought so that I'd actually have a working tube.

The actual attaching-of-false-eyelashes went so-so tonight at tech rehearsal. I got one stuck fairly well, but the other only had a vague connection with where a biological eyelash would be located. Better luck tomorrow, when the photographers attend.

Also tomorrow: Ever wonder what goes underneath those big, poufy Victorian gowns to make them big and poufy? A photo essay awaits.


Damsel said...

*shakes head* I've never even imagined trying to put false eyelashes on. Something deep inside me admires you for that.

I forgot to congratulate you on your previous post! I'm excited for you about your project!

And, yes, I'd LOVE to know about those dresses. Is it anything like the *miles* of petticoats under my wedding dress? (Why, yes, I'm southern, what makes you ask?)

Oh, and YAY for you on going to a pro for the eyebrows!! I LOVE having my eyebrows waxed. I mean, I don't love the process, but... well, I think you understand. :-)

Lady M said...

Damsel - Thanks for your kind note! I'm liking the eyebrow thing - I think I'll be going back more often than I used to.

Hope you like the dress picture post too. :)