Monday, May 28, 2007

My Left Bicep

I had a totally unexpected workout this weekend. SwingDaddy rode some track cycling races, and Q and I dropped by the velodrome to watch.

We enjoyed the cyclists flying around the banked track, and Q cheered on his dad. "Go, Go, Go!"

That evening, my left bicep and right wrist were really sore. Hmmm, that translates to child on left hip, camera in right hand. It may not be how the professional photographers get their shots, but hey, whatever works.


binkytown said...

I get this too- Im totally imbalanced but what can you do? At least it's some form of a workout~

Lara said...

love bubs's smile in that last pic. he's turning into quite a ham for the camera, isn't he? ;)

Lady M said...

Binky - Right, it's some kind of a workout!

Lara - He's starting to give these really silly grins. ;)