Saturday, May 12, 2007

Much Faster Than Four Thousand Words

I'm working on a post about a spectacular gift from my friends and one friend in particular. While that's brewing, here are four snapshots from the weekend so far.

We had a good Charleston performance Friday night.

Q and I strolled by an Italian sidewalk painting festival.

And admired Botticelli's Venus in chalk.

They'd also cleverly set up an area for kids to draw, complete with wet wipes for the ensuing cleanup.

Happy Mother's Day!


Jenny said...

Your life is like a fairy tale, you know that?

Lara said...

the performance was fun! i especially loved getting to dance with my invisible partner, who can be plainly seen between me and tardy-A in the back row. ;)

who IS that guy?

Anonymous said...

wow those drawings look amazing!!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Lady M said...

Jenny - I am so thankful, every day. Maybe not every minute, but I'm working on that.

Lara - It was a fun show! We'll need to re-pose that ending, huh.

Daddy D - There were some amazing chalk-artists there!

wayabetty said...

Great photos as usual Lady M! I can't believe those drawings, they are breathless!