Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lego My Piano

Q, practicing away on his piano. No, wait, it's become a computer keyboard. Oops, back to a piano. Life is complicated when you have an unfettered imagination!

Lisa at The Rage Diaries pointed to a book review today on handbags, where the author discusses the must-have Louis Vuitton/Murakami bags from a few years ago, and this season's Fendi B Bag. These ladies are talking thousands of dollars, so maybe I'll worry less about the $8 item next time.

I'm just not destined for fashionable leather handbags though – I've looked at Coach, Dooney & Burke, and Louis Vuitton, and their products are just not functional enough my daily life to justify their bulk and weight. I'll stick with my lightweight, over-the-shoulder, keep-hands-free-to-chase-toddler PacSafe bag (in red!) for now.


Lara said...

thousands of dollars for a purse is insane to me. i'm definitely a target gal for purses and bags, generally speaking. however, i did shell out an unbelievable (to me) $150 for my school bag, with two compartents for folders and files, a seperate bag for my laptop, and all sorts of zippers and compartments for everything a teacher could possibly need. it seemed worth it for a nice teacher bag. and? it's red. :)

Bob said...

His fingering of the Lego keyboard looks just right.

Sandra said...

Oh he is so cute.

I love a nice handbag ... but function always comes before form ... and it has to be on sale. I am too cheap for Coach.

Lady M said...

Lara - I agree, a good work/school bag is different. Love those pockets and compartments.

Dad - Yeah, we have to get him practicing on a real keyboard soon!

Sandra - Function first. But cute is always nice too. ;)

Mamacita Tina said...

Love kids' imaginations, if only we wouldn't hinder them.

I'm all about a practical bag, for under $50!