Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Karaoke Caution

A Perfect Post – May 2007 For this month, I choose Pendullum's story about her husband's karaoke stardom at a wedding reception and the aftereffects, sixteen years later. Please go there are read, especially if you're in need of a laugh! The other Perfect Posts can be found at the sites of the splendid hosts, Suburban Turmoil and Petroville.

And it does seem fitting, with how crazy the month has been, that I accidentally chose an April post for the May awards. Let's just let that slide, shall we?

In other news, the show went very well tonight with quite a full house. It feels good to be under stage lights again. All the costume changes went smoothly and no one broke a wrist, which is definitely not to be taken for granted, given an unfortunate accident at tech rehearsal.

Only somewhat unrelated: The little dude got his dad's beautiful eyelashes. If I had those lashes, I definitely wouldn't bother with the fake ones and all that glue.

I'm glad y'all liked the Victorian gown details from yesterday. Lara says that I should post about my blue ombre ballgown with matching slippers sometime too. We were thinking through all the things that need to be blogged while sitting backstage, looking like Wild West saloon girls in bloomers, corsets, and far too much makeup.

Last night, I'd forgotten I was still wearing my makeup and jumped when I saw myself in the mirror. "There's a hooker in our bathroom! Oh wait, that's just me."

Using lots of makeup remover this week. One more night!


Lara said...

ah yes, talking blogs in our underwear. i really appreciate that we have that kind of relationship, M.

and yes, one of my posts will be how many places i've gone this week looking like a two-dollar whore. :-P i'm surprised everyone i've run into has been able to keep a straight face...

great dancing tonight! i'm looking forward to seeing bubs tomorrow. :)

Lady M said...

Lara - I look forward to that makeup-places post!