Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Which We Actually Get to See Friends

We were so successful in seeing friends this weekend that I'm writing this with my fingers crossed, so that I don't jinx us. Friday night, we had dinner with a family with whom we'd cancelled plans previously because of child illnesses. Today, we went to a poolside picnic at the YF's, with whom we've cancelled plans twice due to various bouts of croup. And we also finally got to catch up with another couple with whom we've cancelled plans three times, because of yep, you guessed it, croup.

We had a great time, and it makes us excited to host something ourselves, once the show is over.

The toddlers are all amazingly beautiful. Another family brought their baby, and I couldn't believe how small and floppy he was. Do they really come in such miniature sizes? That was only two years ago.

And now they are practicing martial arts, complete with little bows and "sank yous" at the end of each exhibition.

P.S. Did you notice my newly shaped eyebrows? Yes, I went to a professional, because I was hopelessly out of my depth. More on beauty products in posts this week.


SassyBelle said...

YAY for the pretty pretty eyebrows! I like them! GOod job, Lady M.

YF said...

yeah, i did notice something different about you - but couldn't place it! they look fabulous. thank you guys for coming, we were so happy you could make it!

Bon said...

laughing about the floppy babies point...yep, they're odd little creatures, aren't they? once you get a big solid cheerful boy-size one, the dear little babies look a little...erm...pinched, or something.

nice eyebrows. please send the professional over. :)

Lady M said...

Sassy- Thank you, dear.

YF - We really enjoyed your lovely party!

Bon - It's hard to remember when Q was so, um, immobile.