Sunday, May 13, 2007

Baby Tai Chi

Q was pounding away on old pots and pans in the afternoon when it occurred to us that it might actually be quieter if we got him a real drum set. Not that we're going to, mind you. At least until SwingDaddy talks me into it.

Or maybe we can encourage the little dude to keep practicing tai chi.
It was a good Mother's Day. Ballet class, a massage, healthy-yummy dinner with SwingDaddy and Q, and a rousing drum chorus.

I feel spoiled and relaxed, ready to tackle another crazy Monday at the office. Last week, after multiple IT interventions and over 30 hours of running PC processes, I got my new work laptop running and most (but not all) data transferred. I had to grit my teeth and remind myself in the 29th hour that a PC is supposed to be a productivity tool. Hopefully this week, it will be!


Occidental Girl said...

I love how he's so exuberant with the drumming, then he gets into the tai chi poses. So cute! Glad you had a good day.

Jenny said...

Q has excellent form!

Girl con Queso said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day. And awesome Tai Chi.

Lady M said...

Q thanks you all, ladies. Can't wait until we visit my parents so they can tell me what poetic Chinese sayings he's chanting along with the steps.

ewe are here said...

Way back when, when my good friend had a 4 year old, her in-laws bought him a complete little drum set for Christmas.

My first question: Did you piss them off or something?

Her response: No. And when we go to visit them, the drums are coming with us!

heh heh