Thursday, May 10, 2007

As Good As I Imagined

"Is that an icepack?" I said, looking down into the sink.

SwingDaddy looked over with a slightly guilty expression. My mind immediately jumped to various injuries. Did Q smash into the coffee table and need an icepack to soothe the hurt? Did SwingDaddy have a cycling accident and not tell me?

"Your Mother's Day present came early, and the icepack was in the box. I was trying to hide it."

Ahh, once I knew that no one was bleeding, I felt much more relaxed. SwingDaddy thought that it was a very "mom-like" response to the situation.

What was my present? Petits-fours!

As a child, I loved Elizabeth Enright's books, featuring the four Melendy children in the 1940's. In The Saturdays, they pooled their allowance (ten cents per week for three of them, and a nickel for the littlest), so they could take turns for a solo Saturday outing with the princely sum of thirty-five cents.

Mona gets a fancy haircut, Oliver goes to the circus, and I can't remember what Rush chooses. Most vividly, I remember that after Randy's adventure, she runs into a family friend who treats her to tea and petits-fours, a mysterious snack with which I was unacquainted.

I've imagined how delicious they must taste for more than twenty years, and mmmm-mmmm. They sure are good. Thanks, SwingDaddy!

Q, after being told that these are Mama's cakes, not baby's cakes.

Q, much happier, after Mama shares the cakes.


Kimberly said...

I loved The Saturdays too! The petit fours look yummy, as does Q.

You know, if I ever met a guy like SwingDaddy (but not the actual SwingDaddy, of course), I just might reconsider this solo thing.

Mayberry said...

Ooh, those look delish (as does Q, as always!).

Lara said...

thanks for sharing them at rehearsal, too, M!

Bon said...

oh, i am drooling. (at the cakes, but also at the little cutie Q).

but...what DO they taste like? why do they have an icepack?

those of us who rely on you for culture need to know! i'll likely get a sundae from the next-door Dairy Queen for mother's day... :)

K goose blog said...

yummmy.. happy mothers day!

Lady M said...

Kimberly - I'm so glad to know someone else (besides my sister) still remembers The Saturdays! Loved those books.

Mayberry and K Goose's mom - Thanks!

Lara - You're welcome.

Bon - They are like little cakes. Mine had an almondy flavor with different fillings - raspberry, chocolate, etc. Yum.

binkytown said...

Oh my. My mouth is watering. Cakes you can eat in one bite? Fabulous!