Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wayfarers On, Baby

Ever since bubble skirts showed up in last year's fashion parade, I've been dimly aware that the 80's influence is back, but it didn't really sink in until I saw black rubber bracelets and neon mesh gloves for sale at Claire's. Good God, it's time to bring out the couple of things I've saved from my teen years.

Like I have my grandmother's Hermes scarf and favorite alligator handbag, my descendants will have my rhinestoned L.A. Gear denim jacket and fingerless lace gloves. Priceless.

I'm grateful that I threw out the neon orange fishnet socks approximately thirty-five seconds after they went out of fashion, or else I would be forced to keep them as a historical record today.

This month's InStyle shows that Wayfarers are back too. I have my originals, but I'm going to have to get SwingDaddy to put them on to see if the prescription lenses are still in them. I can't tell, believe it or not. They may the first recycled fashion that I can actually wear, because I'm definitely not going around in a bubble skirt.

I have a faded stamp on my hand that might signify entrance to a trendy nightclub or rave if I were wearing eighties fashions for the first time, but instead means that I attended a PreSchool Fair today. Whee, so hip! I collected information from thirty different local preschools, from a hippy-influenced co-op (very friendly) to an intensely academic program with flyers that quoted parents thanking them for getting their children into the Ivy Leagues.

I missed the morning lecture from an early childhood lecturer, but picked up a copy of the apostrophe and homonym error-littered handout to review. I know that grammar was not the specific point of the talk, but it's hard to take an educator seriously when there are so many mistakes.

We took Q to a local martial arts studio to observe their lion dance class this afternoon, since he enjoyed them in the Lunar New Year parade so much. He spent the evening practicing the stances and moves he'd observed, and we were able to get him to follow us around by beating the drum in the pattern they used for class . . . to the shower, then back to his room to get dressed, to the kitchen for milk, and later back to his room. It's like being the Pied Piper of Beijing.


Magpie said...

Wayfarers went out? See what I know?!

Suzanne said...

I have to confess that I loved my fingerless gloves and still don't think they look THAT bad.

Bob said...

Getting a kid to follow you to the destination you want --- priceless.

Momma to LG said...

Interested to know what you learned at the Preschool Faire.

Damsel said...

You've hit one of my pet peeves. As a teacher, it sets my teeth on edge to see other teachers making grammar/spelling mistakes. I totally agree that it's impossible to take them seriously as teachers when they can't spell. For that matter, it's difficult for me to take anyone seriously that ca'nt spell.

Lady M said...

By the way, SwingDaddy says my Wayfarers definitely have prescription lenses.

Momma to LG - I'll drop you a line about the schools.

wayabetty said...

Isn't it funny everything comes back in style. I just want to wipe out fashion for the 80's altogether. And Q is cute as usual!