Saturday, April 21, 2007

Visiting the Snot Factory

The little dude is feeling much better; thanks for your kind comments. His nose was pretty drippy this morning, but had mostly cleared up by afternoon.

I've been incredibly delinquent in writing thank you notes for his splendid birthday gifts, so Q and I set to work this rainy afternoon. I made a sketchy attempt at drawing the gifts in each card while he did his best to seize both crayons and cards. Next, Q embellished and colored each one to his satisfaction. My art is better expressed in dance than in crayons, that's for certain, but I think we'll have a forgiving audience.

We made a family trek to the Guitar Center today, where the kiddo blissed out among the drums and guitars. Even better than a trip to the zoo, especially in the rain.

Can I just say that the fish are totally stressing me out? SwingDaddy says that fish are supposed to be soothing, but that's not happening for me. I keep looking at them, counting that all three are moving, and looking at the droopy one at the bottom of their habitat. We've kept them alive for nine days. What is the lifespan of a goldfish? Judging by your comments, they've already outlived most of your fishy pets.


Mayberry said...

We had a series of 3 bettas. The first one lasted a long time -- 9 or 10 months. The next two lasted only a few weeks each. After which time we decided No more fish!

Andrew's mommy said...

I was so proud to have kept our betta alive for many months, but on our recent trip to So Cal, I left him at my mom's house since she was in staying in town until the day before we got back. Fast forward one week after we get back from our trip, my mom phones and asks if I went to her house to pick the fish up. OOPS. I'm scared to go over there now. I'm just waiting for her to get back into town to deal with the remains.

Lady M said...

Andrew's Mommy - Oh no! Sorry about that . . .

Mayberry - They're still alive right now, swimming about. Maybe they'll make it a few days longer.