Tuesday, April 24, 2007

That's My Boy!

SwingDaddy and I thought Q looked more like me as a baby, but now it's clear he's a mix of both of us. He has eyes like mine, but long curly eyelashes like his dad. Hands like mine, ears like SwingDaddy's.

He's inherited distinct behaviors too. He drinks huge cupfuls of milk and juice – capacity like his dad, since I think I've finished a can of Coke exactly once in my life. He loves music and dance, like us both.

Last weekend, Q got a smudge of jam on his fingers and wiggled them at us, "Sticky! Wipe Hands!"

SwingDaddy says, "That's all you."

Fastidious. That's my boy!


Anonymous said...

i think at some point our kids learn behaviors from each parent...they take little things from both and add them to their lives...which is what makes it so fun and unique!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- http://www.daddydetective.com

Mayberry said...

I get that from Opie too: "Messy! Wash hands!"

wayabetty said...

That's funny b/c in our house whenever the kids act up, one of us would say "that's your side of the family!" but when they're really cute, one of us would say "yup, that's my side." ;-)

K goose blog said...

very funny... K is very meticulous and gets very upset when something is sticky or dirty. She won't try clothes on with tags (big problem) and if a shirt is dirty or wet she won't wear them. Today I had wet hair and she asked to be put down - not holding a mommy with wet hair.

Lady M said...

Daddy D - The mix goes on, indeed.

Mayberry and K Goose's mom - It's good to know that not wanting sticky hands isn't that uncommon. ;)

Wayabetty - that's too funny!