Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More of Those Yellow Bracelets

Costume Conspirator is an inspirational person for her creativity and energy, and also as a multiple-time cancer survivor. I particularly remember an evening where she was leading our rehearsal warm-ups, having us work on a yoga-influenced push-up. She told everyone to not watch her because she wasn't using the proper form, having just had another surgery. I looked over to see what she was doing, and she was powering through the move ONE HANDED to protect her incision, while the rest of us were struggling along supporting our weight on both hands. That, my friends, is determination and beauty.

The cover story of Newsweek was written by a reporter who is also a cancer survivor, and it includes his interview of Elizabeth Edwards, recently re-diagnosed with cancer, and wife to presidential candidate John Edwards. There are hard choices for any family facing illness, and they've chosen to pursue their political goals. She says, "Having lost a child (to a car accident a decade ago), I promise you that making certain that I do not have regrets when we finally say goodbye is really important to me."

Those yellow LiveStrong bracelets are not just statements of support for the fight against cancer. They are reminders to live well, as best we can without regrets. All days are good days.


YF has a new project with ShopStyle, and I'm trying out the widget for her. It was fun to look through all the fashions! Certainly a step up from the denim jackets from L.A. Gear.

And because we can't possibly go this many days without a picture of Q, here he is with his Cars blanket from Grandpa and Grandma Nese.


YF said...

thank you much! i love you choices... did you spend a long time searching? thanks again.

Lara said...

oh my goodness, that picture is adorable! and hooray for living strong and living well - looking forward, not back. sounds like good advice to me.

binkytown said...

A cars blanket, footy pjs and a teddy bear- looks really great to me! What else does a person need?

Anonymous said...

Could you be any cuter little Q man?!?!
Davida & Tay

meispirit said...

Costume Conspirator is truly inspiring! Please give her a hug from me when you see her next.